Thar, Sargodha tragedies: good people fell prey to misdeeds

The PTI has decided to present alleging rigging in 2013 polls in Electioin Coommissioin and also decided to approach Supreme Court of Pakistan against ROs’ criminal roles.

Recording his statement in the office of Lahore Election Commission Wednesday, before an election tribunal, PTI Chietf Imran Khan requested that the case of PP-147 should not be linked with NA-122 and a decision be announced for PP-147 soon. He said he has been told by the election tribunal judge that in PP-147, 17955 vote are fake out of 31000 votes while there is no record of 50 polling stations out of 150. Imran Khan said they have decided to go to the SC with proof of rigging in the elections. While Federal Minister for Information, Broadcasting Pervez Rashid Wednesday said, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman, Imran Khan should refrain from giving his own verdict before the Election Tribunal announces its decision. Pervez Rashid alleged PTI chief was trying to influence the court. He also alleged that Imran Khan was the founder of politics of abuses and he should spare time to condemn himself for use of such language. He said, “Imran Khan hurls allegations from his container day in and day out but gets annoyed when somebody speaks truth (about PTI).”Pervez Rashid said that Imran had no objection if Asad Umar stood by him but showed reservations over his brother for being government’s supporter.

The political crisis is continued with no solution insight. Now most of the politicians either sitting on treasury or opposition benches have started approaching the masses assuring that he/ she or they are the one who can put an end to the challenges and the problems being confronted by the masses. The PTI and government are claiming they want resolution of problems peacefully but none of them came forward or demonstrated any flexibility in their stance that can lead to end the political uncertainty. Pakistan Awami Tehrik Chief apparently has excused himself from taking part in the call given by Imran Khan to the masses and other political parties to join his protest demo on November 30 in the federal capital.

Credit definitely goes to Imran Khan who remained committed to the stance he had taken from day one for launching drive against the incumbent government for its alleged involvement in 2013 polls rigging. He has awakened the nation and gave the disappointed people a ray of hope for changing the current system which is badly infested by corruption for the last ten to twenty years. He created unmatched ‘awareness’ among the masses about their constitutional and democratic rights. He is being considered as most favourite leader under the prevalent circumstances. First he was not ready to any offer made by the government and kept insisting PM must resign then he would decide future course of action. But now he has shown much awaited flexibility by allowing PM to continue office until proven guilty of alleged rigging in 2013 polls. Due to some ‘seasonal’ politicians’ presence in the ranks of PTI as well the incumbent government, the dialogue process could not resumed.

From PM, Sirajul Haq, Asif Zaradri, Dr Tahirul Qadri to Imran Khan every politician talking about improving the lot of destitute and change the country’s fate but going through ground realities, none of them appeared to be serious to provide any significant relief as promised.

People especially the kids are dying of malnutrition in Tharparkar, infants are losing lives in Sargodha hospital but the provincial governments failed to take to the task those elements who mishandled, under-estimated the situation. Those sitting on the helm of affairs are equally responsible for the loss of precious lives. But the corrupt practicee are roaming free taking advantage of political impasse. Polio workers are being killed in broad-daylight and not a single killer has been caught yet. The provincial government made false claim of providing security to the polio workers. Pakistan Armed Forces successfully carrying out operations Zarb-e-Azab, Khyber I and rendering matchless sacrifices to purge the country’s soil from handful coward, inhuman terrorists who somehow managed to flee from the areas and established their network. On one side our gallant armed forces are embracing martyrdom to make our future safe while on the other side each and every officer from soldier to Chief of Army Staff and other services chiefs are working relentlessly to win the war imposed by the terrorists due to our rulers’ inefficiency and leniency to tackle the situation. The role of armed forces in flood-hit area, drought-hit Tharparkar speaks volume about how patriotic and brave our forces personnel are. They should not must not dragged into politics as they do not want to get involved. Armed forces have clearly conveyed message to all and sundry they are sticking to their very job i.e protecting the people from domestic as well foreign enemies. It’s time to shun differences and live as one nation otherwise history would not forgive us for befooling masses in the name of improving lot.

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