Nov 30 either rise of Nawaz or end to injustices

The Citizens are finding themselves in a fix again as what is going to be happened on November 30. Both Government and the PTI are again locked in battle of words. Government is claiming that they all well prepared to deal with the protesting party’s activists. The Federal Minister for Interior Ch Nisar Ali khan Thursday told media the government has no plan to block the PTI activists from coming to Islamabad as long as they remain  peaceful. He disclosed that permission has been given to PTI to hold procession in the capital but it should be peaceful. In the same time interior minister has also conveyed message to Imran Khan saying this time government is ready to deal with the situation and it would not let the protestors to enter in red zone as they did on Aug 14. Imran Khan has numerous times assured the incumbent government procession would be peaceful as long as authorities do not resort to violence. Ch Nisar has told law will take its course if anybody tries to damage government/public properties. He told media article 245 still intact and army can be called in if deemed necessary while Imran Khan in response has already told the rulers that he has lost his patience and would reply government in the same coin. The other political parties are now watching the entire episode carefully. Sh Rasheed, chief of Awmi Muslim League is in contact with various political parties especially the MQM to muster up support in making procession a success. Though he has not advised by the Imran Khan but still he is striving hard to make his presence felt in Imran Khan’s fight for seeking justice.

The political situation has taken many turns but still there are other issues which needed to be considered seriously by all the stakeholders. People are dying of starvation, thrust in Tharparkar and Sindh government announcing formation of parliamentary committee to probe the tragic incident. This is a sheer joke with the masses. In 21st centaury, world is exploring space while we are still either burying our loved ones or waiting for some Messiah to come for ending the suffering of masses. So far 130 kids have lost their lives just less than two months but nobody taking the matter seriously So far 130 kids have lost their lives just less than two months but nobody taking the matter seriously. We are no doubt nuclear power. Our armed forces and masses are as patriotic as other nation could when it comes to safeguarding the country’s geographical or ideological frontiers. Unfortunately, democracy had little chance to be nourished since the existence of Pakistan. The dictators have badly damaged country on every front. They preferred to accept American’s slavery just to prolong their illegitimate rule. People term late  illegitimate rule. People term late Aub Khan’s tenure much better than of Zia and Musharraf but they might keep forgetting worst kind of democracy is better than dictatorship. Ironically our politicians (not all) but most of them also supported dictator to the fullest extent. The founder of the nation Quaid-e Azam and her sister Fatima Jinnah were the first victims of foreign enemies who ‘earned’ loyalty of our politicians to fulfill their nefarious designs. Qiad-e Millat Liaquat Ali Khan, Zulfqr Ali Bhutto to her brave daughter benazir Bhutto lost their lives at the hands of domestic conspirators facilitated by foreign enemies.

Their only  fault was that they wanted to serve the masses and steer the contry to the road to progress.

Nawaz Sharif did got chance twice to serve the masses as well country but reason best known to him, he failed miserably to live up to his words. In 2013 general polls his party sweep the polls with thumping majority but the heavy mandate was exposed first by ex president Asif Zardari who termed it ROs elections and then came Imran Khan claiming that he has proof of alleged rigging committed by the concerned quarters to get Nawaz League elected. He demanded recounting of four constituencies which was possible for the incumbent government to order recounting. But Nawaz Sharif shifted the responsibility to the Election Commission. Election Commission which was already rejected by the PTI due to its role in the 2013 polls, kept delaying the matter that had led to political impasse.

Other tragedy occurred in Sargodha where so far over 22 kids have lost lives. Ironically, again commission was formed which failed to fix the responsibility to anyone. Instead it was reported the death were due to lack of equipments, untrained staff etc. Punjab government mishandled the matter like it did in Model Town carnage. The role of silent spectator witnessed on the part of federal government is quite surprising. The PM should have taken notice of the sorry state of affairs much earlier and now Nov 30 would decide rise of fall of either Imran or Nawaz and end of injustices.



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