Honour Killing

Our newspaper report every now and then the killing of unfaithful women by their brothers, fathers and, on the top of all, their husbands. This killing is called”kar-kari” in sindh and has deep social roots. From time immemorial the problem of woman’s unfaithfulness to man has plagued family life. The advance countries have worked out some practical solutions to this great problem, while we, in the so called developing societies, are in its clutches.

We may, at the start, examine the causes of the development of the disease of unfaithfulness of women. Firstly, it is said, rather wrongly, that most fair young women are naturally inclined to have “affairs” with men. The difference lies in the historical and traditional treatment of women as men’s property, to be controlled as they liked. So the concept of “honour killing” is one sided, applicable only to our womenfolk.

Secondly, the educational, social and economic condition in countries likes ours do not permit many a women to advance suitably. Especially in the rural areas and in the smaller towns, the people in general are mostly uneducated and ill-informed. When they discover immorality on the part of women, they use force against them.

Thirdly, the influence of religion on the minds and behavior of the people has been in decline for several years. In the olden times, women, especially considered honour as their greatest defence and ornament. Now with the growth of materialism, sex is on display. Those who do not stop their immoral sexual activities are attacked or killed in the name of honour.

We should educate the people universally to make them conscious of the new demand of society and the law. Education should be allow to spread everywhere like sunlight brightening in every corner of the earth and moonlight beautifying nature and society. Then people will like to act legally and solve their problem reasonably.

The country should be developed economically at a fast pace. Rapid industrialization and agricultural development will bring prosperity to the people. It will, then, not be possible for rich people to exploit poor and helpless women sexually. In any case, educated women should be able to work with honour and dignity side by side with men.

Attia Saleem
Student of IIUI

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