Minds race between “conservative and liberal”

(Ayosha Rana)

student, IIUI

Which is best of them for women?

Today my topic of this article is which life is best or which society is better eastern or western for women?

As we all know that our eastern women always face lots of problems till her death, she always gets pain in return of her every good deed, what’s the actually fault of her? That she was born in eastern society? Why she has to face troubles and difficulties? Why men of our society are so relax and chill?

What I saw in eastern society, if a female is working in an office or if we find her to talked with her colleague, they will take it negatively that may be she has an affair with the person she feels comfortable, why we are so conservative and negative thinker? Why can’t we think positive?

Actually some conservative minds of our society don’t want that women come forward for the betterment of our so called liberal but conservative society, they can’t work in offices just because of some cheap people they can’t study in co- education system even thy can’t move freely in society, so, how can our society be better?

Is it possible in male dominant society where a man thinks that women are inferior, here for men each everything is HALAL and for women each and every thing is HARAM. If we look around we will find many cases where we actually feel that women are inferior. for example in our homes mothers gives priority to their sons more but not their daughters they think that they are not here for permanent they will leave us after some years they will not be always with us and this is the only reason that our girls are not more confident like western girls they hesitate in each and every thing, if they talk to their cousins even their own siblings and parents would think negative about them they will put restrictions on them.

Now the point is this that why we are so conservative? Why our girls are so unmotivated, why they are not confident? they always looks fearful and above all are the reasons they are not confident we don’t encourage them and don’t tell them to fight against their enemies, if we find them talking with boys we put restrictions on them instead of telling them about right or wrong or instead of listening to them, we do such things because we don’t trust them and ourselves, we don’t give them a chance to prove themselves we push their selves back on their one mistake

Can we do something not something but one thing for them? Can we give a freedom to them to live their life as they want to? Can we give opportunities to them? So they can avail them as they want to? Can we allow them to apply in jobs in which they want to apply and they dream

for from their childhood? Can we allow them, to talk with their male mates and fellows just to gain their confidence level (but in a limit?)

I think we should give opportunities to them more than boys and those opportunities which they are dreaming since their birth because it’s a race between negativity and positivity, it’s a race between liberal and conservative minds, we know it’s a Pakistani society but it’s for the survival we have to change our minds now because this is the only right time.

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