‘Decide before 30th , or I will have to decide by myself’

ImranJudicial commission was agreed upon during talks with govt: Imran

PML-N took a U-turn as usual and backed off

SLAMABAD: Chairman PTI Imran Khan has revealed that the formation of judicial commission was agreed upon by the government and the PTI during their talks. He said that formation of judicial commission, assistance from intelligence agencies and investigation of rigging within 30 to 45 days were agreed upon during the talks.

Addressing the sit-in protesters Monday in Islamabad, Imran Khan said that PTI had pulled back from negotiations because PTI workers were being tortured. He said that whatever he had said in his Rahim Yar Khan speech was already agreed upon by the government and PTI during their talks. “It was decided in the talks that a judicial commission will be formed and assistance from any institution might be taken under the constitution”, he said. “It was decided that judicial commission will be given the prerogative to involve anyone, they would like to, into the investigation”, said Imran. “However, PML-N took a U-turn as usual and backed off”, he alleged.

Imran said, “We demand the judicial commission to investigate the rigging within 6 weeks. Meanwhile, we shall continue our sit-in and Nawaz Sharif may continue in his seat but if rigging gets proved, Prime Minister will have to hold fresh elections”.

Addressing PM Nawaz Sharif, he said, “Thank you Mian sahb! Ur members are being bid at”. He said that the government was doing a drama by not accepting PTI resignations. “The more they delay, the more we shall benefit”, he said. “Mian sahb! Decide before November 30, or I will have to decide myself”, Imran threatened.

Imran Khan claimed that investment wasn’t coming to Pakistan because Nawaz Sharif has put his family members in charge of all the important posts. He said that the economy of the country suffered because of poor policies of the government but the government blamed the sit-ins instead. Whereas, there has never been such a peaceful sit-in in Pakistan’s history, Imran said. “Are we standing on the road that leads to Gwadar because of which the development work is being hampered?” he mocked.

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