Turned to masses after all doors of justice closed for PTI: Imran

inp 15-82Says no justification for the govt to hold negotiations with a proclaimed offender

SAHIWAL: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan has claimed that inflexibility of the ruling government closing all doors of justice for his party forced him to turn to masses for staging protests and sit-ins seeking basic rights and to probe alleged rigging in general election.
Addressing a mammoth gathering of PTI supporter in Zafar Stadium of Sahiwal on Saturday, Imran Khan said that how one could expect justice from those who came into power through rigging and have fake mandate.
He said that PTI knocked each and every door seeking justice but unfortunately justice was not dispensed despite coming with legal demands but instead were treated as traitor and criminals.
Imran Khan said the election tribunal which was supposed to dispense justice in four months failed to do so even after a lapse of 17 months. “Will we ever be able to get justice,” he wondered.
The PTI chief said that he has no curse for power but his struggle was aimed at endowing the poor countrymen of their inborn and basic rights.
Rulers will continue to treat the masses like cattle if they will act as silent spectator and don’t’ stand for their rights, he told the participants of gathering.
“A nation that keeps its head down eventually destroys its future and ends up becoming slave,” he warned.
He said that how could one claim to be sincere with the country who he keeps his wealth in foreign banks, makes assets and investment is abroad.
Imran blamed that ruling and opposition parties were supporting each other for the sake of power and not democracy. Vows to save democracy was the only tactic to deceive masses but it will not continue any more as people have become aware enough to decide who was their well wisher and what was truth. He said that after being declared proclaimed offender there is justification for government to invite him to come to table for negotiations.
Imran Khan said politically-motivated cases were being registered in the Punjab and that no such case was lodged in KPK against political opponents.He whatever was  happening in Balochistan was the result of not getting justice. He said in ‘New Pakistan’, he would not take loans and collect the required revenue from within the country. “I will bring every tax evader to the tax net,” he vowed. INP

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