TEDx mega event ‘Everything possible with passion to achieve your dream’


ISLAMABAD: A TEDx mega event was held here, particular independent TED event was recognized as TEDx@youthclbroad. Packed with motivation and inspiration, this event was the highlight of the participant’s day. The event promised its attendees different variety of speakers ranging from different professional careers and ages which it delivered on with full zeal and enthusiasm. The event started with the exceptional talk of Nabeel A Qadeer from Plan9 who highlighted his perspective that anything and everything is possible if you have the passion and drive to achieve your dream. Second on stage was the exceptionally talented Hassan Sohail Siddiqui who blew the participants mind with his first ever Pakistani superhero Comic Book “Pakistan Man” and the advice to always go for a career path that you are good at no matter the consequences. Third on stage was an amazing human being Ayesha Haleem who, at the tender age of 19, has accomplished leaps. Her perception and dream of changing perspectives around her gave the audience the enthusiasm to realize that anything is possible if they have the attitude of a movie star. Her talk expresses the title “about changing perceptions.”As per TEDx rules a TED video was played for the audience about Hard Choices by Ruth Chang after which a 45 minute break took place. During the break a networking session was held for attendees to interact with the speakers as well as each other to have a better social standing. After the break the fourth personality to take the stage was Saad Asim. The title of his talk was “Out bit for change”. His talk gave the people listening to his every word the outlook of what and how change affects us. After Saad’s motivational talk it was Fawad Asghar. His talk revolved around the caption “doing what you love” giving us the reflection of following our personal choice careers and choices. He blew the audiences mind with his expressive talk. The last on the stage was the amazing and talented Iftekhar Yezdani. His talk was captioned “Let’s reach the moon”. He gave us the perspective that nothing is impossible when you have the moon in your sight. Nothing is stopping us from reaching a point of success that we define ourselves not someone else for us. All in all it turned out to be a spectacular event with high praise to the speakers and the organizing team.


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