Safety process critical for oil and gas sector

June 10, 2015

ISLAMABAD: “To avert any unwanted situation or circumstances Process Safety is critical, it is a business continuity imperative for any industry involved in manufacturing or processes. Safety considerations in processes avoid systems breakdowns and preclude with consequences that can be dramatic both to the environment and the citizens,” Bakhtiar H. Wain CEO Avanceon Limited, emphasized at their seminar on Process Safety at a local Islamabad on Wednesday.

The seminar, welcomed many respected personalities of the key driving industries of Pakistan including: the oil & gas, power and fertilizers sectors amongst others. Subject matter experts on industrial automation and processes as well as safety shared their know-how. Amongst the guest speakers were specialists from Rockwell Automation, Engro Elengy Terminal Limited as well as Fauji Fertilizers.

Mr. Wain, explained that functional safety standards and their implementations are riddled with difficult to understand terminologies and definitions. He elaborated on the topic: “a safety instrumented system is a system composed of elements with the sole purpose of taking the process to a safe state when demanded to do so.”

This is a field where real expertise is needed.  He also pointed out: “I will not say it enough but preventative you might end up either over designing your systems or missing out the key components that are necessary to make your system safe.”

Mr. Syed Ammar Shah, Lead E&I, Engro Elengy Terminal Limited (EETL), highlighted the benefits of safety solution implemented by Avanceon Limited for LNG plant of the company. “Avanceon team definitely helped Engro in improving the safety of the plant,” he added.

The interesting feature of the seminar was very relevant to Pakistan’s plan to expand its nuclear energy base. The engineering experts who attended the seminar particularly discussed Fukushima Disaster (nuclear meltdown) case study and underlined the lessons learnt by this accident.

Avanceon Limited & Rockwell Automation shared how process safety architecture can be built for high availability and fault tolerant and discussed merits and de-merits of each architecture.