PM’s expectations

November 1, 2018

Prime Minister Imran Khan has introduced different programs at national level as per commitments, which have started bearing fruit. Prime Minister Imran Khan’s warning to members of the Punjab cabinet to show performance in two months or get ready to leave their offices is another sign of his passion to serve the people. While addressing the combined sessions of Punjab cabinet members and ruling party MPAs in Lahore, he urged them to work tirelessly for provision of relief to the masses and pledged he himself would be monitoring performance of every minister. His concern about performance of the Government in Punjab is understandable, as there are many areas where the Punjab Government is to provide relief to the people i.e. reforming Punjab Police, curbing street crimes and the adulterators who have in the past played havoc with the health of the people, holding concerned departments accountable, elimination of corruption in education and health organizations, introduction of transparency in revenue department etc. Sardar Usman Ahmad Khan Buzdar when elected as PTI’s Chief Minister in Punjab promised that eradication of corruption and getting rid of status quo would be his priorities as the chief executive of the province. Speaking in the Punjab Assembly after his election as Leader of the House, he resolved to make Punjab a model province through good governance. The massive crackdown against encroachments has brought relief to the people in terms of easing out of traffic congestion and improvement in the overall look of various localities, bazaars and markets. This could be the single most contribution of the present Government if the drive is taken to its logical conclusion without fear or favor and encroachers are not allowed to establish their foothold again. During the last month, the government of Punjab retrieved 263,000+ kanals of illegally occupied government land, worth 87 billion rupees. Past efforts to recover illegally occupied land have been mostly limited to removing encroachments, while the land mafia always escaped previous governments’ attention. However, this changed recently, thanks to the Supreme Court taking cognizance of the Mansha Bomb case, directives of the Lahore High Court and the government’s Clean and Green Punjab program. Anti-encroachment committees, formed in every district have carried out strict enforcement. Credit must be given to the Punjab government for reclaiming illegally occupied state land in an unprecedented move. Land worth billions has also been retrieved from the land grabbers in four districts of Lahore division — Lahore, Kasur, Sheikhupura and Nankana Sahib. It is the result of coordinated efforts of the respective departments. We congratulate the administration, police and departments for this achievement because they have shown excellent performance. So far so good, but the Punjab government must come up to PM’s expectations.

Punjab government must come up to fulfill promises of eradication of corruption, get rid of status quo and provide relief to people.