NHA: Nepotism All Around?

Shahid Ashraf tarar NHa chairman

All are equal but Mr Tarar is more equal?

Patriot Report

ISLAMABAD: National Highway Authority (NHA), an important organ of the state is in news yet again, sadly, not for any good reason. The way Mr shahid Ashraf Tarar is running the state of NHA affairs reminds one of George Orwell’s Animal Farm “All are equal but some are more equal”. This time it is Mr Tarar who is enjoying the status of more equals for the reasons only God knows. However whimpers are being stirred that Mr Tarar has been rewarded because not because he is superhuman, Hercules or but because he is a close relative of a powerful personality among the ruling coterie.

In sheer violation of Constitution and rules Shahid Ashraf Tarar is enjoying four designations at the same time. He is Chairman NHA, he is Secretary Communication of NHA, he is Head of Executive Board of NHA and Head of National Council NHA.

There is a panic all around in the bureaucracy as it is absolutely illegal and illogical that one person is holding four offices.  Reportedly there are many stories of misuse of authority in NHA that reflects the maxim “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.




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