Narendra Modi enemy of Pakistan, Muslims: Musharraf

mushhISLAMABAD: Former president General (retd) Pervez Musharraf on Wednesday said that Indian Prime Minister has to change his attitude and that the proxy war is destabilizing Pakistan. He said the people of Pakistan can sacrifice their lives for the security of the motherland.

Talking to an Indian media, Musharraf alleged that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the enemy of Muslims and Pakistan. He said the tension between India and Pakistan on Line of Control (LoC) occurred after Modi became Prime Minister.

Musharraf said that Modi will have to change his attitude. He said Pakistan is perfectly capable of its defense, adding that Pakistan armed forces and people will sacrifice their lives for the sake of motherland.

Former president said Pakistan can even use its nuclear weapons for the purpose of defense if it absolutely has to.

He said that Pakistan will never turn its back on protecting the eastern borders.

Musharraf maintained that there were no terrorists infiltrating into India from Pakistani side. He said it is rather India that is interfering in Balochistan.

Former president said Pakistanis are ever ready to fight any threat.

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