More than 1,75,000 people leave Bara due to operation Khyber-I

PESHAWAR, Oct 31 (INP): More than one lakh seventy five thousand people have been made homeless due to operation Khyber-I against the militants.

According to FATA DMA spokesman Haseeb Khan, registration centres have been established for Bara displaced people in Peshawar, Khyber and Orakzai agencies. He said arrangements have been made to accommodate between 500 to 100 Bara IDPs in Jalozai refugee camp but most of them are preferring to stay with their relatives or in rented accommodation.

He said the actual number of displacement would be known after the people have gone out as many people had left Bara before the start of the operation.

FDMA said that a request has been sent to the federal government for extending relief to Khyber IDPs on the pattern of NWA IDPs and hoped that a favourable response would be received. However a number of IDPs said that tall claims are being made by the federal and provincial governments but they do not expect any relief in the given situation.

Some of the IDPs complained that police was harassing by stopping them in the midst of the road and demanding money. It is worth mentioning that a couple of days back Governor and Chief Minister KPK had directed the Police not to harass the Khyber IDPs in Peshawar city.


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