Let the government work

October 27, 2018

It appears the opponents of the PTI government think that Prime Minister Imran Khan has got a magic wand to solve the economic issues straight away. For goodness sake, show some wisdom and let PTI folks do their job. They are trying to wash the stains of the bad deeds of over 70 years. Remember that Rome was not built in a day. Uncalled-for criticism has become a habit of the opposition forces. The economic situation cannot be improved suddenly. It will take time. This Saudi loan has its own significance. The loan arrangement and deferred oil payments Imran Khan has secured from Saudi Arabia will reduce the quantum of money from IMF and, therefore, the country will be able to negotiate better terms with the Fund. The Saudi loan is part of the short term-plan, which would help with the mid-term reforms that the economic sector desperately needs. This is where PTI is expected to be different from the previous governments, which did not implement the required reforms leaving Pakistan in need of another bailout. The wave of opposition’s relentless censure is of no value as it will not only prove unhelpful and but also damage the already pitiable atmosphere of our political system thus putting a stop to the new investors desperately needed to put back together the economy. They must react positively. If they don’t want to believe Imran Khan, at least they shouldn’t waste theirs and public’s energy in debating a nonsense. It is always easy to criticize others on their accurate act. There was no other option for Pakistan except seeking friendly countries’ help. There was no such quick fix for Pakistan’s economic woes at the moment. At least Our Prime Minister took the nation into confidence. His politics smells transparent. Allow him to focus on key deliverables, economy, accountability, governance and housing which are the driving force for the growth of any economy. He is vigilant on people’s issues. He is downright honest, sincere, and is working to solve the problems being faced by the nation, while the ones before him were busy about themselves and their friends and families. Well Pakistan has been taking oil on deferred payments since 80s and we haven’t paid a penny yet. If it was any country other than Saudi Arabia in that case one can just imagine the consequences. A section of the media which publishes loads of fake stories against the government should think about millions of poor Pakistani who work in the Kingdom. Nation trusts Imran Khan as it recognizes him since forty plus years of welfare service he has been doing to the public; therefore, it can take him at his words.

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