IESCO issues power suspension notice

ISLAMABAD, OCT 17 (DNA) -According to IESCO Spokesman, due to shifting of Electricity lines for Metro Bus Project Power supply of the following  Feeders would remain suspended as under:- On 20 October 08:00am to 11:00am, Sadiqabad, 4th Road feeders.

Moreover due to electricity maintenance/development work Power supply of the following Feeders would remain suspended as under:- On 18 October  12:00noon to 06:00pm, Hattian feeders, On 19 October  09:00am to 02:00pm, Rawalpindi-III feeder, 09:00am to 03:00pm, From Taxila Grid Station HMC-3, BOC, Taxila, Haro, Margalla, R/Pouline, Sher Shah Soori feeders, On 18 and 20 October  10:00am to 04:00pm, Chak Shahzad, NIH, Diplomatic Enclave, Golf City feeders, On 20 October 08:00am to 12:00noon, Line Park, Dhudial Rural, Saigalabad, C.B.Khan, Mogla, Kot Gullah, C.W.O, Basharat feeders, 08:00am to 02:00pm, New Rawat, Lethrar-1, New Choa, Jhatta Hathial, Mandra feeders, 09:00am to 12:00noon, C.S. Khan, Pourmaina, Paswal, Waisa, Katchery, Bhatiot, Qutbal, Khour,  09:00am to 01:00pm, Peshawar Road, Millatabad, Noon, Al-Catal feeders , 09:00am to 02:00pm, F-10/2, Railway Road, G-9/1, Golra, I-10/4, N.I.H, Kuldana, Gharial, Blawara, Shakrial, Gangal, Banni, Jail Park, Bank Road-II, City Center, AFIC, RCCI Express, Jahangir Road, Sowan Garden-1, Jhanda feeders,09:00am to 03:00pm, From Pir Wadhai Grid Station Dhok Hassu, Ratta, Carriage Factory, Misrial Road, AM, B.B Shaheed, Major Kiyani Shaheed, From NPF Grid Station Media-1, Media-2, Sowan Garden-1, NPF-2 feeders and surrounding areas.=DNA

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