Division of Sindh will not be tolerated: Khursheed Shah

SUKKUR, Oct 26 (INP): Opposition leader in the National Assembly Syed
Khursheed Shah has reiterated that Sindh is a ‘history’ and its division
will not be tolerated.
Talking to media here Sunday, Khursheed Shah said Mohajir and Sindhi are
merely words, adding people from different areas have settled in this
province and call themselves as Sindhi and now Sindh is their recognition.

More than 10 million people of other nationalities live in Karachi, he said
and added that hatred should be abandoned as it would be harmful.
He said Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) understands politics as it was
Mohajir Qaumi Movement in the beginning and later changed into Muttahida as
it knows they could not do politics in Karachi this way.

Syed Khursheed Shah reiterated his party’s stance that no negotiations could
be held on the issue of making a new province in Sindh as demanded by the
Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM).

“All are Sindhis here, including the Urdu-speaking people. No discussion
will be held on division of this province. We are ready to die for integrity
of our motherland but will not allow anybody to divide it,” said the veteran
politician of Pakistan People Party.
He said spreading hatred will harm the country, adding that PPP supports
continuity of democratic system and supremacy of constitution. “We are
supporting democracy and not the government,” he said.

Regarding MQM observance of Black Day, Shah said that his statement about
the word ‘Muhajir’ is being taken out of context. He said he only meant that
repeatedly flaunting the term is not appropriate just as most people do not
repeatedly mention their castes, tribes and family names.
PPP leader said that Sindh has a history and that the division of Sindh will
not be tolerated in any case.

Shah said politics in the name of religion and sectarianism should be
avoided. He said people’s sentiments are being incited using religion which
is against stability in the country and will be playing in the hands of the

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