CDA devises plans to cope with Dengue during Eid days

ISLAMAGBAD (DNA):On the directions of Chairman, Capital Development Authority, CDA has made special arrangements for ongoing anti-dengue drive in the Federal Capital during the Eid ul Azha holidays.

In this regard, Member Administration and Estate, Amir Ali Ahmed has issued directions to Health Services Directorate for deployment of special teams for anti-dengue spray and fumigation in different areas of the city during the Eidul Azha holidays. He has also directed the Directorate of Municipal Administration (DMA) and Enforcement Directorate for joined coordinated efforts with Health Services Directorate and actively participate in the drive against the dengue so that this deadly virus could be root out.

Member Administration and Estate, Amir Ali Ahmed has further directed the Enforcement Directorate and DMA to keep a vigilant eye on tyre shops and other encroachments, adding that during the eid holidays, special teams of Health Services Directorate will ensure proper fumigation as well as spray to discourage the growth dengue virus in the residential areas. He urged the concerned formations of the Authority to pay special heed to the areas of rapid growth of dengue virus, so that it could be eliminated timely.

Amir Ali Ahmed directed for anti-germ spray at various locations, particularly at large sacrificial places. He directed both the Enforcement Directorate and Health Services Directorate to coordinate with the Sanitation Directorate in special operation for collection and proper disposal of sacrificial animals remains during the Eidul Azha for keeping the city in neat and clean. He also directed the Executive Director Capital Hospital to ensure the presence of doctors and paramedic staff at Emergency Department round the clock during Eid ul Azha.

Member Administration and Estate, Amir Ali Ahmed has directed for anti-dengue public awareness campaign so that public participation in the anti-dengue drive could be ensured.

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