Careem’s Pizza Hut discount offer is fake?

Web Desk: Careem’s newly announced Pizza Hut Discount offer has been declared ‘fake’ by Pizza Hut according to a report that appeared on ProPakistani. According to the popular tech blog,  Careem announced a partnership with popular restaurant chain and international franchise, Pizza Hut. But, Pizza Hut has denied any claims of such a partnership.

As per the report, according to an official email from Careem, the ride hailing company announced that their most recent promotion, which would have run from the 24th of July to the 24th of August, offered a 20% discount at Pizza Hut on the entire menu if you took a Careem ride in the past 48 hours.

Here’s the screen grab of the email posted in the report:



However, the promotion offer was quickly denied by Pizza Hut, the restaurant chain in a message posted on their official Facebook page said ‘Pizza Hut Pakistan is currently not part of any collaboration with Careem. We reserve the right to take necessary action against anyone using our name without consent.’

Here’s the Pizza Hut post:

Some customers also posted message on Careem official page complaining that they have been rejected the offer by Pizza Hut when they asked for it.

It must be mentioned here that in the past the two companies have collaborated before to bring something for their customers. This makes the current situation seem like a case of some misunderstanding, a ‘very serious’ misunderstanding though that has affected customers.

Here’s a post from last year when the two companies collaborated:

*The post will be updated if there is any comment from Careem regarding the issue.


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