Strong democracy essential for safeguarding peoples’ rights: Speakers

ISLAMABAD (INP) Strengthening democracy is essential for safeguarding the rights of people of Pakistan, effective functioning of federation and ensuring future stability of country.

Participants at the Annual National Conference on Pakistani Democracy: Potential, Promise and Performance resolved that all institutions should work according to their legitimate role defined in the constitution of Pakistan.   The conference was organized by Centre for Civic Education Pakistan (CCEP) in   Support with National Endowment for democracy. The objectives of the conference included examining the state of democracy in Pakistan, highlighting the progress on nationwide constitutional literacy campaign, and honoring citizens who played effective role in upholding rule of law and promoting civic education.

Presiding over the panel, Dr Syed Jaffar Ahmed, the director of Pakistan Study Centre at Karachi University, called for giving due importance to social sciences and societal realities for strengthening the culture of democracy in the country.

Zafarullah Khan, the director of CCEP, shared the progress of the centre’s constitutional literacy campaign and shared with the audience a few interesting facts about the short life of democratic rule in Pakistan.

Other speakers on the occasion included, Dr. Khadim Hussain, Dr Agha Nasir from University of Baluchistan and leading human rights activist Ms Tahira Abdullah and senior journalist Hamid Mir.


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