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Flare gas highly inflammable, its storage, transport- w/out license is illegal

ISLAMABAD: Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority informs the general public that the Flare Gas is highly inflammable and transported via bowsers under high pressure of 3600 psi which is kept under high safety conditions.

The storage and transportation of Flare Gas without license from Department of Explosives under Mineral and Industrial Gas Safety (MIGS) Rules, 2010 is illegal.

Industrial users are therefore advised to ensure that the industry has to obtained licence from Department of Explosive and Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority. They should also make sure that the bowsers i.e. mobile storage/travasi system is also licenced from Department of Explosive and proper route permit for the destination is also in possession.

OGRA has also advised local district authorities to check and take action against all those who are in business without valid licence from the concerned authorities. Further, the Transport Authorities are also advised to regularly check whether there is any Flare Gas Bowser is on road without having licence from Department of Explosive and Motor Vehicle Examiner Certificate.

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