British PM Theresa May upset

The world is presently observing the firming up of Jeremy Corbyn’s position at the head of the Labor Party in the UK. The British politician, who has been serving as Leader of the Labor Party and Leader of the Opposition since 2015 in the UK, is now trying to provide the ground for his own victory and the Labor Party in the country’s possible election in 2019. It appears that after his success in defeating figures such as Tony Blair, he has more motivations for chasing his goal line. Lately, while criticizing the agreement between Prime Minister Theresa May and European leaders over the Brexit, Corbyn declared a resumption of talks with European leaders, in the event of a government change. Nevertheless, European officials, including German Chancellor, have stressed that there will be no more talks between the two sides on how to leave the EU.  Jeremy Corbyn is now aiming to force EU leaders to resume talks on Brexit. Following his comparative victory in the previous general election in Britain, Corbyn found a lot of power in the Labor Party. Corbyn has now entered the scene with one explicit objective: Brexit. Corbyn’s inner-party adversaries sought to provide ground for his removal after the party’s estimated defeat in the last year’s general election. As mentioned, politicians such as the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has been among the main opponents of Corbyn’s presence in the leadership of the party. While Corbyn has already confronted criticism from the centrist wing of his party, which has long been distrustful of his approach to Brexit, the words of disappointment from his base will raise concerns of broader disenchantment with his approach. Following Corbyn’s statement that he would recommend the party advocates Brexit in the event of a fresh vote and criticized EU laws on state aid, which he said blocked investment, Momentum activists and MPs from Labor’s left who have constantly supported Jeremy Corbyn have warned the leader’s decision to upkeep Brexit, even if there is a second referendum, could discourage campaigners and cost the party seats. While the EU’s deadline for the UK is about to expire, the internal and foreign policy in Britain remain unclear. Under such conditions, it’s not clear that how would Theresa May direct and manage the Brexit talks. The UK’s delay in commencing the talks, and the current events in the country’s parliamentary elections has caused European leaders not to have a positive attitude towards the talks. The point is that Theresa May couldn’t achieve her determined goals during the talks with Brussels.  The critical attitudes among the conservatives, Jeremy Corbyn’s postures, and the tense face of the European leaders; all these factors upset the British Prime Minister at this critical phase.

European officials, including German Chancellor, have stressed that there will be no more talks between the two sides on how to leave the EU.

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