12 convicts executed in various jails across country

KARACHI/MULTAN/FAISALABAD/GUJRANWALA/RAWALPINDI: Twelve death row prisoners were hanged in various cities across Pakistan, on Tuesday morning, while the hanging of one condemned prisoners has been halted in Multan.

Two death row prisoners Zafar Iqbal and Waqar Nazir were scheduled to be hanged in Multan Central Jail but at the eleventh hour heirs of Waqar Nazeer produced an agreement between the plaintiff and defendant parties before the jail authorities. The hanging of Nazir has subsequently been postponed. The case would now be referred to the trial court for further proceedings.

Nazeer was found guilty of killing a man during a robbery bid in 1996. A session court had awarded death sentence to him. The Lahore High Court (LHC) and the Supreme Court (SC) had upheld his sentence.

Zafar Iqbal was awarded death sentence as he was found guilty of raping and murdering a six-year-old girl. An anti terrorism court (ATC) had declared him guilty in 1996.

Two condemned prisoners Muhammad Faisal and Muhammad Afzal have been hanged to death  in Karachi after an ATC dismissed their compromise application, terming it as non-maintainable.

Both the convicts were found guilty of killing a man Abdul Jabbar during a robbery bid in Karachi’s Korangi area in 1998. The victim was killed upon offering resistance to the robbers.

An ATC had awarded death sentence to the robbers in 1999, along with their third accomplice. The third accomplice had died in jail in 2006.

Faisal and Afzal were to be hanged on March 5th, 2015 but their hanging was halted as their heirs moved the Sindh High Court (SHC) against their execution with a compromise application. The SHC had then referred their case to the trial court.

Another condemned prisoner, Muhammad Nawaz, was executed in Faisalabad Central Jail. A session court had awarded death sentence to him in a dual murder case in 1996.

Nawaz had killed his two relatives Manzoor and Maqsood over a minor dispute regarding water irrigation.

Two death row prisoners were also executed in Adiala Jail,  Rawalpindi. Malik Muhammad Nadeem Zaman and Muhammad Jawed had been found guilty in murder cases.

Zaman had killed his father, two sisters and a nephew in 1998, while Jawed had murdered one of his female cousins in 1997. Both had been convicted by session courts.

Muhammad Iqbal was hanged to death in Gujranwala for committing murder. He had been found guilty of killing Muhammad Sharif in 1996, by a session court. The victim was among his in-laws and Iqbal had shot him dead during an argument over a family dispute.

Three convicts of murders have also been executed in the District Jail Jhang. Muhammad Riaz has been hanged for killing a man in 1995. The victim was a relative of the murderer and was killed over a family dispute. Riaz was convicted by a session court.

Muhammad Sharif and Mubashir Ali were executed for killing a taxi driver during a robbery bid. Both were declared guilty by an anti terrorism court in 1998.

Two more condemned prisoners, Rab Nawaz and Zafar Iqbal, were executed in Mianwali jail.

The appeals of all the convicts were dismissed by the superior judiciary, while President of Pakistan Mamnoon Hussain has also turned down their mercy appeals.

With the latest hangings, the toll of executions to have taken place in Pakistan since the resumption on Dec 17, 2014 has reached 39.

Pakistan lifted its moratorium on the death penalty in all capital cases on March 10.


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