Gullu Butt behind bar, but murderers of 14 innocent civilians of Model Town incident still roaming about: Wattoo

LAHORE, Oct 31 (INP): Mian Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo, President Punjab PPP, has said that the Gullu Butt have been awarded eleven years of punishment and fine for smashing windscreens of vehicles in June this year adding but what about those who murdered fourteen innocent civilians and injured ninety others through the use of blatant Punjab police force in the Model Town incident.

They are still free and the iron hand of law had failed to grab them by the neck so far to bring them in the dock to face justice, he added this in a statement issue from here today.

He observed that it was the travesty of justice and the people would start hating such a justice system which was essentially discriminatory in nature and therefore unable to meet the imperatives of justice.

He cited the one case during the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) times in which a women was sentenced of chopping of her hand on the measurable crime she committed. The Prophet (PBUH) rejected the submission made by the elders to pardon her by asserting that He would award the same punishment if His own daughter had committed the crime of the same nature.

Mian Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo maintained that it was exceptionally a shinning example of good governance and an unprecedented case of administration of justice in the supreme sense devoid of any layer of discrimination.

The fair application of law is the basis of a civilized society as the discrimination in the enforcement of law will tantamount to the law of jungle where might is always right, he observed.

He maintained that the societies may survive through the suppression and persecution of a tyrannical system but societies based on flawed justice system would meet inevitable disintegration without a fear of contradiction.

He expressed the resolve of the PPP not to rest till the victims of the Model Town incident were not awarded justice and the culprits were not given punishment of the crime they committed.


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