World Bank Report and the mystery of 15 Billions

August 12, 2017

15 Billion Dollars transferred from Pakistan to India in first three years of Nawaz govt 

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ISLAMABAD: As everyone in Pakistan is grappled with a crunch question: What Volume 10 is all about? And some years old World Bank’s Report is talk of the town yet again. Analysts wonder if it has something about this mysterious transfer of huge amount.
The World Bank report says that in first three years of Nawaz Sharif government almost 15 billion dollars were transferred from Pakistan to India. This amount is two times the defense budget of Pakistan.
According to the Wall Street Journal “People in Pakistan sent almost $5 billion to India last year, according to World Bank estimates, making it one of the largest sources of remittances to the world’s second-most-populous country.
The number is astonishingly high considering direct remittances between the rival countries are highly restricted. Those living in Pakistan sent $4.90 billion to India last year, $4.79 billion the previous year and $4.67 billion the year before.
The speculations are on the rise and experts are giving their opinions that what exactly volume 10 of Joint Investigation Report contains. A renowned foreign policy analyst Air Marshal Retd Shahid Latif in his current affairs program revealed that during the court proceedings Counsel of Nawaz Sharif insisted to have a look on volume 10 of JIT report. Apex court permitted, but after having a glance on volume 10, counsel of Nawaz Sharif requested the court not to make the volume ten public. He said that according to his reports, volume ten contains some very critical information about business, investment and financial transactions with India. He further said that FZE Company registered in UAE and owned by son of Nawaz Sharif as per reports had links of businesses with Israel and it was involved in numerous financial transactions.
The Volume 10 of the JIT report, which contains details of mutual legal assistance (MLA) with various countries, has not been made public by the Supreme Court on the request of the six-member JIT’s chairman Wajid Zia. NAB had requested to be provided with volume ten of JIT report but Registrar Office of the Supreme Court has declined the request to provide volume 10 of the report compiled by JIT on the offshore assets of the Sharif family.

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    Naseem khan August 14, 2017 at 1:29 am -

    The WB report and Contents of JIT volume 10, if are so damaging, to our country as a whole then it must be made public to show the cobra face of this whole clout directly or indirectly involved in this mega scam. Surely his cronies if knew and deliberately put the curtain on it are equally involved in this crime and must be tried in the court of law. NS is not only criminal but a security threat and should immediately arrested and sent to jail.