Biased bill 2017

October 4, 2017

After the ouster of Nawaz Sharif from the public office, election commission of Pakistan informed PML-N that according to Political Parties Order 2002, a disqualified MNA cannot hold any position in the party. Government of PML-N who was already dissatisfied by the court’s order, stood against it. It came out victorious after the controversial and biased election bill 2017 got passed from both the houses. How it got passed very easily from senate also points out at the lack of responsible attitude of opposition leaders. These irresponsible parties who are now running to the court are in need of some in-house cleansing. Absence of opposition members and numb attitude during the session needs more attention than the bill itself. One senator of PTI remained absent while the other was not able to reach at the time of voting. Senator Rehman Malik did not cast the vote whereas the decisive role was played by MQM member who went in favor of the bill. The Joint session of the parliament would still have favored the government but the neglecting attitude of opposition has set a downbeat example. Whereas the only benefited was govt. of former PM Nawaz Sharif. This amendment allows the disqualified member to head the political party. It remains unanswered as if how a corrupt leadership will be able to pave the way for a balanced and lawful situation. This bill was meant to favor a single person and is one of the worst examples found in the entire democratic world. The bill states that any parliamentarian could only be disqualified for a period of five years and that ECP will be an independent and autonomous body, which will formulate its own law, and party funding details will be available online. It also restricts the caretaker government from making any policy decisions. Such laws show a clear tilt towards the corrupt leaders who are given a free hand. Nawaz Sharif who has been found provoking public against the judiciary at its July 28 verdict has gone out of way to head the party. This move very well explains our democracy which is quite flexible for corrupt leaders. This bill that provided a sudden benefit to the ousted PM is totally against the spirit of Pakistani constitution. It is against article 62, 63 and is likely to receive a widespread opposition from other institutes.

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