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Zara Noor Abbas draws criticism for supporting BLM protests

KARACHI – The death of George Floyd, a black man at the hands of a white police officer in the US city of Minneapolis, has shocked people all over the world and the public has risen up against the long-standing prejudice against black people in the United States.

Voices are being raised in their favor in Pakistan as well and Pakistani artists are expressing solidarity with the deceased George Floyd. However, actress Zara Noor Abbas drew criticism when she spoke in favor of George.

Zara Noor Abbas on Instagram condemned the killing of the American man and the spread of prejudice against blacks in the United States, calling racism a war.

While Zara Noor Abbas supported the “Black Lives Meter” campaign, she has also been seen working in an advertisement for a whitening cream, which she also advertised on her Instagram account.

She faced tough criticism on social media for both supporting her whitening cream campaign and condemning the widespread prejudice against blacks.

Her post has sparked a debate on social media over the past few days and people are telling Zara Noor Abbas to stop her hypocritical behavior towards the issue.

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