Yet another adventure

Whenever there is a political shift at hand, the whole country suffers its consequences. Every giant movement brings repercussions. The three socio-economic class systems as explained by the sociologists are upper class which are the elite of the society and enjoys the most influential and comfortable position in the country. These classes in particular are the most secure and have no direct connection to expected negativities. In other words their circle of life will not be affected as such.

Than the other most extreme is the lower class system. These people move along in their circle of life lingering on finding the very basic needs for them every individual day. For example a laborer, if he doesn’t get hired for a job on a day he might go hungry. As there is unemployment in every corner of this country this situation can be imagined in every major or minor city. These people are directly affected by the political theatrics of the political giants.

The middle class cannot be left aside; these are the white collar people who actually work on the main nervous system of any country. These are the salaried class people who are mostly on the payroll of the upper class. These people have the ultimate responsibilities to do the administration and execution of the private, public and government sector. This class has the pressure of both work and job security because job is the only thing that differentiates them from the lower class.

This time there are two major adventures, one from a political giant the other from a semi politician and semi religious scholar. Their aim is the demolishing of the currently democratically elected government. Reasons can be as simple and complex that there is a constant paradox amongst the political analyst’s everyday. Amidst the fight of the giants the most affected are the lower and middle class. For whom the whole charade is taking place, at least it seems so. Every political party of Pakistan has the mandate to improve the middle and lower class and ensure their well being.

Still, whenever these political adventures occur the most affected are the lower and the middle class. The habit of the political expression of anger and disagreement results in strikes and disturbance of peace. This results in the freezing of the nation to a sudden halt making it impossible to carry out everyday lives. Shortages of fuel, communication black outs, and more electrical short falls even the basic food items become out of reach.

Road blocks become the only way to negotiate the terms of the opposing agendas. Making human lives a collateral damage for the so called national security such unprecedented actions make the population vulnerable to every danger. Since the past few decades, many tries have been made to safeguard the social and basic interests of the two affected social class systems. Still, their conditions get worse everyday.

Doesn’t it seem odd? So many people working for the betterment of the affected people but things do not get any better. Are the politicians working for the right agendas? Do they give any interest to the people at all? These questions spin around every self aware mind. Pakistanis are getting the awareness of the not so clear governments. The situation gets worse at every milestone of the personal politics.

This week the azaadi march of Imran Khan is claiming to do anything to get their agendas approved. They claim to become aggressive if things don’t work out. While, Dr. Tahir Ul Qadri has made war cries and fixed his followers eyes upon achieving revolution. The past killings of model town have made his followers filled with rage and they are having no less determination.

The fact still remains; people of Pakistan will suffer again. This week the plan is to get more aggressive making the whole adventure more dramatic. This notion gives Goosebumps to the people of Pakistan. The lower class and the middle class will face the devastations amongst the battle of the power. Again people will not get medical aid due to road blocks, people will be cut off from the communications, damages to public properties and human lives will become certain.

Is this the only way to civilize the political system of Pakistan? Will this be the final march to get a government that will be working justly for the betterment of the nation? Will this feud also known as revolution be enough to change the political scenario of Pakistan?

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