Writ of state established: Political Agent Khyber Agency

Most of Bara Tehsil cleared of militants

PESHAWAR (INP) : The Khyber Agency top officials have said they would bring back long lasting peace in Bara at any cost as there was no room any more for militants in Khyber Agency.

This was stated by Khyber Agency political Agent, Sayed Shahab Ali Shah,while addressing to a press conference held here at Khyber house on Monday. Shahab said military operation Khyber 1, was successfully underway and most of the Bara areas have been cleared from militants. The PA said with the close coordination and cooperation of local tribesmen and military officials writ of the government has been reinstated in the militants occupied Bara areas.

Regarding the ongoing military operation Khyber 1, Shahab said the time has gone when militants had their co-called empire in Khyber Agency. About hundreds of militants who surrendered before the government, Shahab Ali Shah said that it was their responsibility to protect their lives and properties.


” We are committed to continue the military offensive until and unless a single militant exist in Bara”, PA said and added that there was no space in Khyber Agency for those who carry weapons in their hands.


The PA said that 65,000 persons and 39,000 families displaced from Bara and Tirah valley have been registered and a mechanism has been prepared to register the remaining families.


He said four registration points have already been constituted at different entry points where political administration officials, PDMA workers and security forces were providing food and non-food items to the displace persons. PA said Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government had provided a piece of land at Jalozai where all the Khyber Agency IPDs would be adjusted. He said complaint centre, mobile messages service and phone number were announced for IDPs to facilitate the displaced persons and ensure good governance in Khyber Agency.


The Khyber Agency administrator said they have delayed polio campaign for a week to train the health workers. He said 128,000 children would be administered anti-polio drops in Landikotal and Jamrud tehsils of Khyber Agency. PA added that next polio campaign would be started from November 17, in which 332 fixed and mobile teams would take part. He said that at all IDPs registration points teams of health workers have been assigned to vaccinate polio drops to the children being displaced from Bara and Tirah areas.

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