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Would Fazlur Rehman support Maryam Nawaz as PM?

He had just met PML-N leaders at the Sharif family home in Jati Umrah and was addressing a press conference alongside Maryam Nawaz when a journalist asked whether he was opposed to a woman ruling the country.

“If Maryam Nawaz becomes prime minister, would you support her?” asked the journalist.

In response he laughed and said it seemed to him that the question had been fed to the journalist. “Don’t get angry,” he said.

He said every movement is started because of a main agenda. For the Pakistan Democratic Movement, the main agenda is ensuring people have the right to vote, he said.

Our voters are men as well as women, said Fazl, therefore, they want to get both the right to vote. “For this I will play my role, as will Maryam Nawaz.”

Maryam, for her part, stood quietly during the questioning.

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