Worries of Labourers

A large number of brick kiln workers along with their families held a protest in Lahore in favour of their demands. Exploitation of labourers work in brick kiln is a known dilemma in our country.

The participants of the protest rally demanded that the writ of the state to implement all the labour laws including elimination of bonded labour and child labour. They were demanding government to enforce the laws in brick kiln industry. Low wages, extended duty hours, child labour, absence of social security benefits and unending loan repayments to owners are some of the grievances of brick kiln workers and labourers that have not been addressed after so many years.

In reality there are laws to secure the rights of workers but it is the failure of government to implement them in true letter and spirit. Despite the enactment of Ordinance for Prohibition of Child Labour in Brick Kilns 2016 and other laws, the government functionaries have failed to ensure the provision of due rights to workers.

Despite all the tall claims to end the child labour still in reality child labour is still there while the exploitation of workers has been going on unabated. It has also been reported that owners exploit the workers by not paying them minimum wage fixed by the government.

The Punjab government had determined the minimum wage for brick kiln workers at Rs 962 per 1000 bricks but the brick kiln owners are defying the government order and paying lesser wages to workers.

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