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“World of Warcraft” features Portuguese musician

The Portuguese composer Pedro Macedo Camacho was one of the musicians who wrote the soundtrack for the latest “World of Warcraft”, entitled “Shadowlands”.

“Shadowlands” is the eighth expansion of the international video game “World of Warcraft”, created in 2004 by the American company Blizzard Entertainment and he is part of the team of musicians who composed the original music. For the first time a Portuguese composer is a part of this. “Almost everyone will say that it is impossible to make dreams come true, but sometimes it is possible,” the Madeiran composer told Lusa.

Pedro Macedo Camacho who is 41, said he always wanted to be on the “World of Warcraft” soundtrack, not least because every game Blizzard Entertainment release, and which is played by millions of users, implies a level of production of a “Hollywood movie”.

The musician said he was surprised when he received an invitation a year ago to join the composition team, after, years before, he tried to collaborate with the company, without receiving positive responses. Pedro Macedo Camacho continued composing both for concerts and for advertising and other video games. “I don’t distinguish between cinema, advertising and music for games. I think there are two kinds of music, good and bad, and I try to make good music. I think I write for a video game with equal seriousness and dedication as I would write a classic piece”, he said.

Pedro Macedo Camacho was born and lives in Funchal in Madeira. He began studying music at the age of 16, went to the Conservatory of Music of Lisbon and the Berklee college of music in the United States, and began his career in the video game world in 2006.

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