World Literacy Day: ‘Literacy Cell to be created at FDE to help decreasing drop outs rate’

ISLAMABAD (INP) Minister of State Barrister Usman Ibrahim of Capital Administration & Development Division attended the 48th International Literacy Day at Islamabad College for Boys (ICB), G6/3 on Monday.


On the occasion of World Literacy Day, Minister of State gave directives to establish a “Literacy Cell” in Federal Directorate of Education (FDE), which would be headed by a director. The purpose of this cell would be to create awareness regarding importance of literacy among the illiterate masses. Moreover this cell would help decrease the drop outs rate in the federal schools/colleges and would encourage the parents to send their children to schools.


Improved literacy rate in the country is our first and foremost responsibility towards a better Pakistan, said the State Minister. He added that we should not forget the teachings of Islam regarding the importance of reading and writing. Further he said that many countries including Korea have replicated our 5th plan and improved their literacy rate and turned into the developed nations.

He lamented that we are 141st in the world as far as literacy rate is concerned while Srilanka, Bangladesh and India are way ahead of us. We should look up to the countries like Srilanka and South Korea whose literacy rates are almost 97% and 100% respectively. Although he did praise the current progress and said that our literacy rate has increased to 61% from 40% in recent years but still we need to work hard in this regard. Moreover he admired the efforts of Malala Yousaf Zayee who fought for the education of girls in Pakistan. She is the honor of Pakistan and a superstar of the education, commended the State Minister.

Minister of State said although the education is a provincial subject now after the 18th amendment but yet it is not ignored by the Center. He said that it’s our collective responsibility to increase the literacy rate in the country; therefore there should be some evening classes for illiterate masses in regular schools as well.

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