Working in unison

September 19, 2018

It is a positive sign that the opposition parties get their concerns represented at the national. Shah Mahmud Qureshi’s support to the opposition’s demand for a parliamentary body to probe the rigging charges in general elections, Imran Khan’s nod to consult opposition on the refugees’ issues and a unanimous resolution to build Bhasha dam and Mohmand dam signals conciliatory mood among the government and the opposition. Perhaps, they have come to realize that confrontational path further broadens the divide. In addition, the politics of government-takes-all has the tendency of heightening tensions where political competition and issues are already painted in diversionary colors. There is need for dialogue between the government and opposition so that they can work together and change the state of affairs in the country. The government needs to stop personalizing issues of national interest and be more accommodative of people with divergent views. There is need to build systems and institutions that are national in nature and self-sustaining other than having personalized institutions that cannot act independently. . There is need to fight corruption regardless of whether the corrupt are from the government or the opposition. Zero tolerance to corruption needs to be upheld and any implicated officials should be held accountable rather than protected or given immunity. Allocation of resources needs to be improved. There is need to think of improving the health service in the country. Human rights need to be respected and professionalization of the police and other security agencies needs to be actualized. Members from different political parties need to start treating each other as partners in development. The government and the opposition need to work together for the greater interest of the people. Along with the civil society, they should join hands with the government in developing the country. There is need for all of them including the citizens of the country to change their mindset and embrace positive change. The government should consider using the institutional expertise of the opposition. Programs and ideas proposed or initiated by opponents are should be used to allow them to share in the glory. Given that practical opposition is not in the political interest of any party, it is contingent upon the members of the assembly to give such considerations critical thought within the framework of existing arrangements for the promotion of good governance, transparency and entrenchment of democracy. Why should a serious house of representatives deny opposition the opportunity to contribute to a national debate?

Government and opposition need to work together for the greater interest of the people of Pakistan

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