Why street racing should be made legal

February 10, 2016


By Muhammad Ajmal Khan

Pakistan is a country full of talent. There are many Pakistanis who are experts in many fields in the world. From teenagers to the elderly people, many talents are exposed. Teenagers in Pakistan are fond of cars, street racing and many activities that unfortunately are termed ‘illegal’ by our government and the police. This has caused many youngsters and teenagers to hide their talent and only use it at mid nights on empty roads.

This talent and interest can not only be found in teenagers but the adults and the elderly are equally fond of it as well. Many people who have started jobs and are fond of cars are trying their best to build or buy the best sports car available. Every month there are car shows, drag racing events but the police are there to bust the racers. Street racers duly check their cars for any fault especially before the races. This can be made more safe and fun if street racing is made legal.

Proper events should take place both at national and international level.  Today in Pakistan you name any sports car and you will find it whether it be a Lamborghini, a Nissan Skyline, a Mitsubishi Evo, a Toyota Supra or a Ferrari.

Moreover racing teams and groups hidden but active have also been formed for example The Bullz from Lahore, Maxpower from Lahore, Team Racer Edge from Karachi, The Mob from Islamabad, Divergents from Islamabad, Street Kings from Islamabad, Team Cannibals from Islamabad, Team West from Peshawar. Thus I would request all everyone to join hands for making street racing legal.