Who shut and locked the doors of stadium? Khan demands judicial probe

ImranDeceased Muawiya’s father donates compensation cheque to SKH

 ISLAMABAD/MULTAN: Chairman PTI, Imran Khan has demanded judicial investigation into Multan tragedy.

Speaking to media before his departure to Multan on Sunday, Khan said the administration was unable to launch impartial probe, therefore, PTI was also holding party’s internal investigation and for this meeting of core committee had been summoned.

Who shut and locked the doors of stadium in Multan, Khan questioned and urged for fair investigation into the incident.

“I will decide myself who will come at the stage in the Sargodha public rally”, Khan said.

After arrival in Multan, Imran Khan visited the families of Friday tragedy to offer condolences.

Accompanied by Shah Mehmood Qureshi and others, Khan visited Qasim Bela and met with the family of one of the victims, Salimullah.

Meanwhile, Father of a youth Hassan Muawiya, who lost his life during stampede, has donated the compensation cheque to Shaukat Khanum Hospital.

Imran Khan after offering Fateha with his father Allah Bakh handed over a compensation cheque of Rs 800, 000 to the father of the deceased. However he refused to accept the cheque and returned it to Imran Khan saying that it should be treated as a donation to Shaukat Khanum Hospital.

Despite repeated requests by the PTI chief, the father of the deceased did not accept the assistance. On this occasion, Imran Khan announced that he would arrange service for the brother of Hassan Muawiya in Muscat.


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