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Whatsapp Gets Built-In Sticker Maker On Web Version

The web version of the messaging app, WhatsApp, has gotten a built-in custom Sticker Maker in its update that will enable users to turn ordinary images into stickers.

The custom Sticker Maker feature will allow users to send ordinary images converted into stickers via the messaging app.

WhatsApp users can use it by clicking the paperclip (attachments) icon to access it and later pick an image to upload it, reported The Verge, adding that the feature will be coming to its Desktop apps in the next week.

The images can be edited and converted into stickers once uploaded by using the sticker button while in the drawing editor.

The other tools to make modifications in the uploaded image before turning it into a sticker include drawing an outline around a picture’s subject to remove the background, whereas, the images can also be cropped.

However, the crop option will only be used in a square aspect ratio. Moreover, the users can layer emoji, text, and additional WhatsApp stickers on top of the sticker creations.

There are plenty of third-party apps for iOS and Android devices to make stickers on WhatsApp, however, it would be more convenient to get the built-in feature in the app’s desktop and web versions that will also enable users to edit images accurately by using the mouse pointer.

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