What next?

November 26, 2017

By Asif Mehmood

If memory serves better few years back it was Mr Ayaz Amir who raised this crunch question: what if Machiavelli comes back to this world and decides to join politics? Which party he will opt for? I don’t know what answer Mr. Ayaz forwarded to this presumption but today I find myself grappled with another same kind of question. What if Mulla Nasir Uddin comes back into this world and secedes to join politics? Which party the gentleman will probably opt for? Don’t take my words for it, the unfolded events speak volumes of the fact that gentleman may rush towards interior ministry to pay tribute to the gentleman who is there at the helm of affairs.

As volatile situation restricts people indoors the government issues a notification to call the army. But if you have a bare reading of this poorly drafted notification you will be shocked. One notification and three mistakes. This is the way the government is working the day in and the day out.

The timing of the operation i.e. 7:30 am of a working was a childish decision, if not a stupid one and also the operation. We don’t need an Ian Stein to visit the interior ministry and communicate to the professor Dr that what could be the outcome of the operation. I repeat, there must be a method in the madness. The government launched the operation to clear one road but what is the ultimate result? The whole country is blocked and paralyzed. Where is the good governance? Where the experience that has been crowd with such intensity is? Where is your Punjab speed that that had been bandied about with abandon?

Everything is written on the wall. Arrogance serves no one. Prudence and sagacity must prevail.

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