What is the reason behind airing Indian content on TV Channels despite SC ban?

July 9, 2020

Patriot Report

Airing the Indian content is banned in Pakistan but despite the said banned the Indian content is being aired on cable TV channels sans any check or scrutiny. PEMRA was supposed to do its job under the law as it is the regulatory body but PEMRA preferred to remain in its slumber and when ROZE News raised this issue , it was victimized. Here is the story in detail for our readers.

In March , 2019 , a three-judge bench of the Supreme Court headed by Honorable Justic Gulzar Ahmad banned the Indian content on all channels.  The counsel of PEMRA stated before the court that as per the policy introduced by the Federal government in 2006 , the local channels were allowed to air the Indian content equal to 10 percent of their total broadcast. Need not to mention here the details of the case , it will be sufficient to place the legal position before our readers that as per the Supreme Court decision the Indian content is completely banned in Pakistan.

However the content went on air sans any check from PEMRA. That was painful. The Bureau Chief of ROZE News Mr. Muhammad Qasim of Lahore chapter investigated the matter and collected the material in bulk that was sufficient to prove that the order of the Supreme Court was not implemented.

Mr. Qasim came up with a shocking revelation that cable operators , in complete disregard of the Supreme Court order , are not only airing the Indian content but they are that flagrant that they placed the Indian channel SONY MAX on the face of their receipts issued to the subscribers. The illegal activity was being carried is such a shameless way the same receipt was even issued to the Ex Chief Justice of Pakistan , Honorable Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry at his residence.

That was not only ridiculous; that was painful. The Chairman Pakistan Group of Newspapers S.K.Niazi in his column in English daily The Patriot raised the issue so that PEMRA might come out of its slumber and do the needful. But instead of taking it in a positive way and do the job , the DG PEMRA Lahore was infuriated and enraged and he wrote a letter to the Chairman Roze News wherein he went to the extent declaring that the facts mentioned therein were unfounded; He wrote: “ The said article as a whole and specifically on the above account has concocted and misreported facts on the ground…”

However in the next week the Bureau Chief  Mr Qasim again pointed out that the Indian content is on air without any check, It was midnight, Around 12 am in midnight Chairman Roze News contacted Chairman PEMRA on call. Mr. Qasim was also on conference call. He showed the live video of the Indian content to Chairman PEMRA via mobile and therein Chairman PEMRA thanked him for this service for national cause.

Now it is intriguing that DG PEMRA Lahore was denying this fact. Here comes the crunch question: Is there someone protecting cable TV operators? Another question is also very important. Is this the reason that Roze News has been and is being victimized by PEMRA ?

ROZE NEWS is a unique NEWS channel. Unlike some other channels it is a pure News channel. Some of its salient features are being reproduced here:

  1. This is the only News Channel that has introduced and implemented its Code of Ethics.
  2. This is the only News Channel that presented a counter narrative to Indian diatribe and the Interview of Ex-Army Chief General Mirza Aslam Beg created a panic in India and more than half dozen shows were conducted on indian channels against this .
  3. Roze News is the only channel that airs AZAN five times a day.
  4. Roze News is the only channel that the then Chief Justice of Pakistan appeared in its Talkshow SACHI BAAT on dam transmission.
  5. Roze News is the only channel airs admiration for Pak Armed forces and Army Chief.
  6. Roze News is the only channel that has been conferred an award by Imam e Kaba for its religious touch.
  7. Roze News channel is the only channel where Mohsin –e- Pakistan Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan visit many times Talkshow namely Sachi Baat and in future likes to come.
  8. ROZE news is the only channels where a program Halqa e Ahbab is dedicated to discuss the columns of Prime Mister Imran Khan. The salient feature of these columns is that they appeared in daily Pakistan Twenty years ago.
  9. Patriotism and Code of ethics of Roze TV Channel has been praised by the Supreme Court of Pakistan.
  10. Roze News Channel is the only channel whose code of ethics were discussed three times in National Assembly and further it was also suggested by members of National Assembly that the code of ethics of every news channel should be like code of conduct of Roze TV channel.
  11. Supreme Court of Pakistan takes so many Suo mottos action in the result of articles of CEO Mr. Sardar Khan Niazi of Roze TV channel. Most of these have beenarchive in the Supreme Court and become a part of the Pakistan Laws Book namely PLD.
  12. The only Roze TV CEO,Mr. Sardar Khan Niazi appears in person before the Supreme Court of Pakistan on National issues like the 18th amendment, missing person issues e.t.c.
  13. Roze News is the only channel whose chief executive officer Mr. Sardar Khan Niazi is a holder of Tamgha e Imtiaz, Gold medalist by Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan in reporting of Nuclear Program, and other national & international awards.
  14. It is the only news channel whose CEO Mr. Sardar Khan Niazi is a editor in chief of Pakistan Group of Newspaper, Vice president of CPNE, from previous 20 years member of executive body of APNS and PBA  
  15. Roze News is the only channel that is paying government fesses, PEMRA fesses, and payments to workers on a timely basis. Further, no downsizing made by Roze News channel in the pandemic of COVID 19 just to follow the policy of the Government of Pakistan.
  16. Roze News channel is the only channel who is purely news channel. While themany channels do not fall under the definition of news channel instead they are all either entertainment or sports channel and PEMERA is sleeping.

Personalities like former Honorable Chief Justice of Pakistan Mr. Justice Saqib Nisar , Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Imran Khan Niazi , former Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, JUI head Molana Fazlur Rehman , Lt Gen Hamid Gul etc. and Dr. A Q Khan , Gen. Aslam Baig, (as mentioned above) have already graced its famous Talk show SACHI BAAT (S. K. Niazi Kay Saath).

But even then ROZE NEWS is being victimized by not giving proper place at cables. Either it is removed or is kept in rotation. This practice also is in violation of Supreme Court’s direction. Two decisions of Supreme Court are important here.

  1. After hearing the Director General (Operations) PEMRA, it is directed that any illegal ban imposed upon “ROZE TV Channel” should not be imposed and if so, should be lifted immediately. Besides the PEMRA should ensure that they have replaced the first News Bouquet.” (HUMAN RIGHTS CASE NO. 21601/ 2018)
  2. Bench number 1 of the Supreme court has decided that “PEMERA has issued a letter dated 05.06.2018 and on account of the commitment made the needful be done within a period of one month from today. Disposed of.” (HUMAN RIGHTS CASE NO.69352-P & 29417-P OF 2018)

Therefore Mr. Qasim opines that Roze News is being victimized because it takes up the issue of Indian content and some officials of PEMRA are perhaps annoyed with this. He is however determined to pursue the matter as he is of the view he has so many things to present before the court.

From the above discussion, it is now very clear that the Indian lobby is very threatening from Roze News Channel and it is also evident from criticism of Indian media channels about Roze TV. As mentioned above, PEMERA is not obeying the decisions of honorable Supreme Court about restriction of airing of Indian content, just to follow the Indian lobby same like improper airing of Roze News channel and continuous relocation of Roze News Channel is reflection of policy of Indian lobby.  

It is however pathetic that the PEMRA has not implemented the order of Supreme Court in letter and spirit.

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