Well I am a very lazy person and all I do all day is over think about stuff that doesn’t even exist. To a point it also helps me as I like to write and I gather points from what I think. So my laziness and boredom of course made me watch a random YouTube video. That was a video related to mood board of I was watching the video and where she said “if I woke up like Harry Styles (a singer) I would do this” and suddenly I, paused the video. A thought clicked my mind. What if I woke up as myself one day? What would I do? Am I doing it now? And all these queries made me think of it. The answer was “No” I am not doing what I was supposed to do as myself. If you are reading this and thinking what a lame point I am trying to prove, then think about it. Are you doing what you were supposed to be doing? Are you making your days productive? Are you even happily satisfied with what you are? 9 out of 10 people are not.

We have always seen those interviews in which the anchor is asking the celebrities that what you would do if one day you woke up like another person. They always have interesting answers which fascinate us. But we have need given a though to the point that what if we woke up as ourselves? What if we have to walk in our own shoes one day? What would I do on that day? How will I spend that day? Think about it and give it a thought that are we living our lives to the fullest? Because knowing the fact that we don’t know if we are taking another breath, are we literally making our every single breath count? My answer to this is no, we are not.

2020 was an year full of depression, anxiety, pain, stress, grief and much more.But it was also a year that gave us a lesson that life is unpredictable. Not always things fall as we planned it, so we should be prepared for every unpredictable situation but that doesn’t mean we should stop living from the fear of dying. So let’s start thinking about the point that what if I woke up as myself. Let’s start from myself. If I woke up as myself, I would be more of an extrovert.I would be more caring and would be more talkative. I would spend time with my parents and less time scrolling Instagram. I would cook and bake and I would socialize more.I would go out with friends and not stay in my room all day everyday like I do now and last but not the least, I would be the most thankful and happiest person. Now it’s your turn. Think!

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