We will see a sea of people at Minar-e-Pakistan on Sunday: Imran

Imran‘People of Lahore be ready, Karachi has done its job’

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan said that he would shift his focus to interior Sindh once he got the resignation of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

Addressing his supporters of Islamabad’s sit-in for the 40th consecutive day on Monday, Khan said that Karachi took to the streets after 39 days.

“I am glad as Pakistanis have woken up. People came in great numbers from airport to Mazar-e-Quaid to greet us,” he said.

“Our message is being heard in every house. Participants of the Islamabad’s sit-in have awakened the nation,” he said.

The PTI chief said that the whole Pakistan would follow if Karachi stood up for its right.

He said that thousands of people turned up at PTI’s rally in Karachi just on a three-day justice.

“We did not pay anybody to attend the jalsa. People of ethnicities would unite in Karachi,” he said. “Pakistan has been divided into two parts. One is for the elite class while the second is for the underprivileged.”

“We are launching a new program of Azadi Razakar. You have to send a text on 0022 and write Azadi. You will get a response comprising 10 points. That message should be spread to every nook and corner of the country.”

“We will stage a massive sit-in on Friday in Islamabad and then go to Lahore on Sunday.”

“People of Lahore be ready. Karachi has done its job. We will see a sea of people at Minar-e-Pakistan on Sunday,”

He called upon the privileged class to think about 100 million people who did not have even access to toilets and other basic facilities of life.

He said that he would begin a tour of Sindh after Sharif’s resignation. “People of interior Sindh are suffering from the oppression of feudal,” he said.

The PTI chief pledged that his government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa would introduce a uniform education system soon.

He said that government carried out over billing of Rs70 billion in the last month’s electricity bills.Agencies

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