We will bring all looted money back to Pakistan: Imran Khan

Imran KhanChairman PTI asks PTI workers to help the flood-affected people through Imran Khan Foundation
ISLAMABAD:  Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has said that Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) offered him the post of Deputy Prime Minister in a National Government. He said that he could have become the Prime Minister like Moeen Qureshi or Shaukat Aziz but he was given more respect than most of the prime ministers of Pakistan.

Speaking to the protesters at the sit-in today (Sunday) in Islamabad, Imran Khan asked all the segments of the society to join him at the sit-in in Islamabad. He said that ‘Azadi March’ has given employment opportunity to several cart-drivers as they were selling their goods to the protesters.

Imran Khan told that PTI member Ishaq Khakwani has filed a case before the court against PM Nawaz Sharif for lying. Imran Khan said that nobody answers the allegations on him in the Parliament.

“Abdul Malik got 4,150 votes in Baluchistan while BNP’s candidate received 4,500 votes. Returning Officer wrote a letter that he did not count 600 votes”, said Imran Khan. He said that Abdul Malik Baloch was had become Chief Minister Baluchistan because of fake votes.

“Mir Zafarullah Jamali contested Mir Khoso. Jamali got 40,000 votes while Khoso got 35,000 votes. But match was fixed so 24,000 votes were rejected”, said Imran Khan.

Imran said that it was former Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry who maneuvered the results there.

“General Abdul Qadir Baloch also got elected through rigging”, Imran said. He said that as long as these people will keep getting elected through fake mandate, nobody will work for the well-being of the people of Pakistan.

“In 1995, Nawaz Sharif got a loan of Rs. 6 billion from Al-Taufeeq Bank in London but was never returned. The bank confiscated Nawaz Sharif’s property in Park Lane. But somehow, Nawaz Sharif arranged 8 billion rupees from somewhere and gave it to the bank. When asked where did the money come from, Nawaz Sharif said that an Arab friend sent him this amount”, said Chairman PTI.

“Asif Ali Zardari bought Surrey Palace and said it on the floor of the House that Surrey Palace did not belong to him. But when General (r) Pervez Musharraf gave the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) to Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), Zardari immediately claimed the palace”, Imran Khan said.

Imran Khan said, “Shahbaz Sharif says he has no property outside the country but fact is that he has properties worth 150 million rupees in London”.

Chairman PTI said that Pakistan did not want corrupt people to rule it. He said that only he could bring the 200 billion dollars of Pakistanis.

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