We need Pakistan movement spirit once again, says Siraj

LAHORE: While hoisting the national flag atop the Jamaat e Islami headquarters Mansoora, the JI Ameer Sirajul Haq, stressed that the nation would have to rise again with the spirit of the Pakistan movement in order to achieve the sublime objectives of the creation of this Muslim homeland.  Hundreds of JI workers besides party leaders including Liaqat Baloch, watched the flag hoisting ceremony. The students and the youth present on the occasion raised slogans of Pakistan Zindabad, and Pakistan Ka Matlab Kiya, La ilaha Illalah. The JI chief paid rich homage to the martyrs of the Pakistan movement, and said these people had sacrificed their lives to secure the future of the nation and laid the foundation of an ideological state on the model of the state of Madina. Siraj said the political parties and the armed forces would have to protect the geographical borders as well as the ideology of Pakistan. He said that national unity and harmony was a much bigger need of the country than a nuclear bomb. The colonial powers hostile to Islam wanted to weaken the country by fanning ethnic, racial and regional biases.  Pakistan had already been split into two because of their intreagues.  The JI chief said the biggest cause of the present chaos and anarchy in the country was failure of the ruling elite in the true implementation of the constitution. The rulers treated the constitution as a play thing, he remarked.  He said the JI would offer every sacrifice to build the country as a great and strong Islamic, welfare state and added that the JI would try its best to unite the nation for safeguarding the democracy. INP

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