Wattoo compliments Atizaz, Nisar for burying hatchet

‘Political crisis test for marchers, govt to prove their credentials’


LAHORE (INP): Mian Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo, President Punjab PPP, in a statement issued here Sunday complimented Senator Ch Atizaz Ehsan and Ch Nisar Ali Khan for burying the hatchet and moving forward for the sake of creating and easing the tensed political environment in the country.

The agitating parties and the government should take a leaf from the recent scuffling between Aitzaz and Ch Nisar and let their ego go in the larger interest of the constitution, democracy and rule of law, he maintained.

He observed that there was no end to fighting adding that the sanity demands that it should come to an end sooner to cut the losses to the political system and indeed to the nation that was on the hook. In this case, the constitution and democracy are at stake and their preservation is the worthwhile cause as compare to digging the heels, he argued.

In politics and especially in democracy, juggernauting is quintessentially self-defeating because of its exclusiveness and its undertakers would be definite victim at the end of the day because its prognosis could not be otherwise.

Mian Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo said that the present crisis was also the test of the agitating parties and the governments to prove their democratic credentials adding the people of the country were watching them to formulate their experienced- based opinion about them.

The overwhelming silent majority will express their opprobrium in the shape of inflicting embarrassing electoral debacle on them if they fail to prove their worth as the true believers in democratic dispensation, he opined. The societal electoral setback will be the inevitable fate of those who care less for the aspirations of the people reflected in the constitution, he argued.

He pointed out that the nation had been passing through an ordeal for the last many days and the apathy of the agitating parties and the mandarins was most unfortunate and indeed unforgiving.

The nation is on its knees because the image of the country has taken nosedive after this tamasha . The colossal damages to the economy and above all the postponement of the visit of the Chinese President to Pakistan have put the country in a tight corner of isolation, he commented. How much damages they are contemplating to inflict this nation, he asked.


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