Water management

May 13, 2018

It is saddening to know that nothing much is being done to deal with the ongoing water crisis country is facing. especially now with an impending dry season threatening to linger for two months and severely impacting agricultural and resultant economic output targets. It seems that issues like water management and environment degradation are not on the priority list of the policy makers.

Where Irsa has remained toothless as a regulator in its discretionary powers, especially with regards to unequal water distribution between Sindh and Punjab, it is even more problematic that the regulator has remained ineffectual in propagating water management programmes or pushed for conservation policies. On the other side, Chief Ministers of the two provinces have not done much on the issue and matter has been left without any notice from the higher authorities.

Experts in the field of water management have suggested constructing more dams in order to find solution to the country’s water problems. But there seems no urgency at all by the authorities to meet construction deadlines or finish proposed dam projects. Federal government must intervene between provincial members to resolve water scarcity and efficient water management. Agriculture contributes massively in the economy of the country, hence it is imperative that our water resources are conserved and managed efficiently.

It is indeed one of the prime responsibilities of the government to give special attention towards water management. But it seems authorities are not willing to improve the absolutely pitiful state of water management. It is a serious matter and urgent measures are required in dealing with it. We hope seriousness of this particular issue must be realized and authorities will focus all their efforts towards dealing with it.

Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi recently approved the first ever National Water Policy (NWP) of Pakistan. A comprehensive national water policy was need of time considering the serious issue of growing water shortage in the country. Currently Pakistan is standing on verge of entering into water scarce countries and special attention of policy makers was required to deal with the issue. A UNDP report that got neglected by the Pakistani authorities this year, directed the attention to the elevating water scarcity in Pakistan in its report on Water Security. Pakistan is enriched with resources but it lacks the ability to manage these resources.

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