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Water level at Khanpur Dam goes dangerously low

RAWALPINDI: Khanpur Dam authority has informed Rawalpindi Cantonment Board that water supply to the area would be cut off after 72 hours as the water level has touched alarmingly low level.

Water supply from Khanpur dam had already been reduced due to low level of water causing massive inconvenience to people of the areas. They are forced to make long queues at the government run water filtration plants to fetch water at the time of Sehri and Iftar. Taking advantage of shortage of water in the city, tanker mafia has increased prices of water tankers.

Elected members of local governments in cantonment had made promises to the people to resolve their problem of shortage of water. Having failed to fulfill that commitment, they  are busy to drill new tubewells where as the under ground water level is going down on daily basis and many of the existing tubewells have gone dry.

The suspension of water supply from Khanpur Dam has created concern among the residents as they pay the water charges and despite that suspension of water supply  is injustice to them.

While people are crying for water, the Rawalpindi cantonment board has issued extra water bills with fine fee from the people. On the other hand despite collecting the water dues, the Cantonment board has failed to pay dues to Khanpur Dam authority to ensure smooth supply of water to the city. People of various areas including Chungi No 22, Tench Bhatt, Dhokh Syedian, Bakra Mandi, Telimori who are facing water suspension or shortage for the last several days have threatened to come on roads to register their difficulties to the authorities.


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