Waiting for good governance

This is to serve a humble reminder to the ruling coterie that Petrol is not the only thing that has eviscerated the social life; the situation is more alarming. If the successive governments had done timely planning to meet the supply and demand of gas, our country would not have been going through the current gas crisis. The continuous gas crisis in various cities of Punjab intensified over the last couple of days due to technical problem that occurred in Sui gas field of Balochistan. The gas supply to the Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) stations and industries in Punjab was already closed but now the crisis has transformed into a worst shape.

People are facing difficulties as they are compelled to spend a huge amount of money for purchasing food from hotels as there is totally no supply of gas for the house wives to make food for the family.

The officials of Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited (SNGPL) declared the gas pipeline explosion behind the gas cut-off and revealed that about 1900 million cubic feet gas shortfall has been reported so far whereas the labors are working to repair the pipeline as early as possible. In fact, we used gas wastefully since it was first discovered in the 1950s in Sui, Balochistan. However, Balochistan, especially those living in Sui, were kept bereft of this vital source of energy. It is also tragic that while most of the country was living a comfortable life using gas, life for the people of Balochistan remained primitive. Most of Balochistan is still deprived of gas and those who have it suffer from irregular supply due to shortage and other disruptions. The energy crisis is multidimensional and it needs a comprehensive approach from the ruling elite.

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