Vigil held in memory of Salman Taseer attacked

LAHORE, Jan 05 (NNI): A vigil held in memory of late Governor Punjab Saman Tasseer, who was assassinated by his own security guard for alleged blasphemy, came under attack in Lahore on Sunday evening.


The incident took place when unidentified men carrying baton and bricks attacked the thin gathering at Liberty Chowk in Lahore and tore pictures of the late Punjab governor into pieces.


Miscreants also attacked media teams covering the vigil.


In a press statement, MQM’s Coordination Committee strongly condemned the attack by religious fundamentalists on unarmed and peaceful citizens gathered to remember the slain governor.


“The helplessness of Punjab government proves that citizens have been left at the mercy of extremists,” it said.


“If Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif is waiting for the army to take notice of this incident, he should better resign and hand over power to Lahore corps commander,” it added.  NNI

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