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Videos of Indian army atrocities in occupied Kashmir go viral on social media

SRINAGAR (NNI): Two new videos of Indian soldiers beating Kashmiri youth have gone viral on social media in the occupied Kashmir.
According to Kashmir Media Service (KMS), the videos appear to have been shot by the army men themselves. One of them has been filmed from inside a Casper army vehicle and the other from a position on the road. Locations where the videos were shot are yet to be ascertained.
The first video is of 4 minute duration. It shows at least two army soldiers using large canes to ruthlessly thrash a youth.
From the conversation heard in the video, one can make out that the soldiers have checked the youth’s phone and are infuriated at finding a video of Hizbul Mujahideen’s martyr commander Burhan Wani in it.
“Tera Baap Hai Burhan? (Is Burhan your father?),” the army men ask the youth, shouting expletives and continuously beating the youth with their canes. They are also heard threatening to smash the youth’s skull if he tries to avoid the lathi blows. The army men are seen getting more infuriated with the youth when they find the Holy Quran in his phone. They are heard using abusive language while asking the youth the purpose for keeping the Holy Quran in his phone.
The youth, wearing a pink shirt, can be seen pleading with the army men to let him go as he is observing a fast. The men in uniform, however, keep beating him for the entire length of the video, also threatening to take him “inside”, apparently referring to their camp.
Another 2-minute 21-second video filmed from inside an army vehicle shows a youth, bearded and wearing a blue shirt, forcing him to utter “I love my India.”
“You should say it with the vigour you throw stones with,” the army men can be heard saying, while slapping, pulling and abusing the boy.
An army man is even heard suggesting that they should shoot the boy and label him as a militant. “Militant list mein daalna hai iska photo goli maar ke,” an army man can be heard saying. The men are also heard discussing among themselves whether they should upload the video on Facebook.
This video seems to be a recent one, shot during the month of Ramadan. These videos have surfaced after at least three videos, including the infamous Human Shield one, did rounds of social media in Kashmir in April this year.
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