Video: QMobile ‘women cricket’ ad that has got everyone emotional

Patriot Web Desk: The new QMobile television commercial recently launched has been widely appreciated by social media users. The ad focuses on

  • a Pakistani girl going off to cricket trials,
  • her loving & supportive mother
  • her disapproving father.

After learning that the neighbors approve of his daughters’ career ambition, a ray of hope appears on the fathers face, possibly seeing the bigger picture.

It’s the day of her first match and the mother is praying for a win.

When his daughter wins her first match & is named woman of the match, he speaks to her on the phone to congratulate her. When asked by a sports anchor how she intends to celebrate her victory, she responds “I’m going home to my dad, have lots to tell him” thereby throwing her unconditionally supportive mother under the bus in front of the entire TV watching nation.

You can watch the advertisement here.

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