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USAID in collaboration with YES network to organize Training of Trainers workshop

ISLAMABAD: A 50 Hours Training of Trainers (TOT) Workshop is planned from 2nd to 7th September 2014 for the faculty members and students of 10 leading higher education institutes based in Balochistan and Gilgit-Baltistan. The training is organized by YES under ‘Advancing Youth Social Entrepreneurship in Higher Education’ project funded by USAID’s Small Grants & Ambassador’s Fund Program.
YES Network Pakistan has played a pioneer role in introducing and institutionalizing the concept of social entrepreneurship in the leading youth-serving institutions across Pakistan. The 50 hours training will be a multi-stakeholder training, where participants from a range of higher education institutes will be trained together, as it will foster positive working relationships and enhances possibility of bringing a long-term change in the country. Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Ali Raza Khan said, “YES Network Pakistan firmly believes in building educational institutions from inside out in order to make sustainable and real change. Peace and prosperity can only be ensured in Pakistan if we have local people working on it and not just service providers.”
With the assistance of USAID, the 50 hours course is designed to train and engage the faculty members and students of the 10 leading higher education institutes. The course is designed against the backdrop of the persistent unemployment problems being faced by the youth. This Training of Trainers’ course is a six day participatory course. Its major goals are to provide participants with the opportunity to acquire and practice skills in
facilitating social entrepreneurship training programs and to enhance their abilities to design training session plans. The purpose of the Training of Trainers Course is to establish a core team of trainers at institution level, who have relevant skills in planning, designing, supporting and organizing social entrepreneurship trainings for the positive development and engagement of young people. The workshop will provide knowledge, skills, connections and resources to participants to play an instrumental role in advancing the movement of Social Entrepreneurship. After the training all the participants of the workshop will be engaged in a wide range of activities for building-up an entrepreneurial culture in their respective institutions.


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