US must not intervene into external politics

The White House statement in which it was told that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is constitutionally elected head of the government of Pakistan, with the State Department also stating that Washington does not support any extra constitutional changes to the democratic system. The White House Spokesman said that US support the constitutional and electoral process in Pakistan, which produced the prime minister as Nawaz Sharif. That was the process they followed, and the election they had, we are focused on working with Pakistan and do not support any extra-constitutional changes to that democratic system or people attempting to impose that. Worst come worst the White House spokesman added fuel to the fire by ending his not “Nawaz Sharif was elected and he is the prime minister. There is a government that was elected (and is) in place”.

The US must not intervene into the Pakistan polities. It is the Washington to blame for all the ills, country is faced with. The statement has tensed the political situation. There was no need to issue these kinds of statements which is no doubt intervention into our country’s affairs, especially in the backdrop of efforts continued to find a solution to end political impasse between the government and Pakistan Awami Tehrik, Pakistan Tehrik Insaf.

The statement compelled Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan to send a clear message to the United States to refrain from meddling in the internal affairs of Pakistan. “Who is the US to decide whether or not elections have been rigged in the country,” visible angry Khan noted.

PTI has already submitted six demands to the government for resolving the issues. The resignation of the PM is the top most demand of the PTI. Imran Khan is no mood to step back from any of his demand. He went to that extent that he had told his charged supporters that he will either live to see the new pakistan or die here.The sacking of IGP Islamabad also tensed the situation as there were rumours that he has been removed from the post for not using force against the marchers who entered red zone without any resistance despite the presence of heavily armed police contingents backed by the FC, Rangers etc.

Though government has expressed his willingness to negotiate the demands submitted by the PTI but flatly told Immran Khan that PM would not resign in any circumstances.

The government once again constituted separate teams to hold talks with Imran Khan and Dr Qadri while the opposition parties’ leaders also trying on their level best to find a solution acceptable to all the stakeholders. Each and every political as well religious party leader is playing due role to save the democratic system. Calls are being made to PAT, PTI leaders to step back from demanding resignation of PM arguing that it will give rise to new crisis and the
country which is already in grip of multifaceted crises is not in position to go through any such situation. The fear of interference of third party still exists as political observers are claiming that all the stakeholders would have to show flexibility otherwise there will be nobody will get anything.

Things are now mingled up and there seems no solution of crises yet. Criticizing PTI chief Imran Khan should be bold enough to accept his defeat ,PML-N on Thursday said that the party would not let PM resign Some leaders of the PML-N keep keep issuing inflammatory remarks despite the clear orders of the PM not to indulge in words of politics.

While the National Assembly again rejected the PAT and PTI’s demands by unanimously adopting a resolution to uphold the supremacy of constitution and law.

Terming the demands of PTI and PAT as unconstitutional, the National Assembly condemned the foul language used by the protesting groups.


.The government is accusing PAT and PTI for using women and children as shield and warned that if any untoward incident took place then the PAT as well PTI chief would be responsible. The same warning has been given by the protesting parties to the government. There is dire need to cool down the situation otherwise the democracy would be in danger.

The government and protesting parities sooner or later have to resolve the confrontation as people can not afford the prevailing circumstances. All the stakeholders must show flexibility and find a peaceful solution for the sake of the masses as there needs lot to be done for ending the suffering of the common man . People are still committing suicide due to poverty and in badly need relief from the ever rising inflation, unemployment what to say about injustice which is still being meted out to them.


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